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50 shades of grey

Don’t Have a 50 Shades of Grey Relationship With Your Customers

As every warm-blooded human remembers, 2011 was a great year whether you were a reader, or married to a reader. 🙂 It was then that the erotic novel “50 Shades of Grey” debuted and was consumed vigorously, launching the biggest baby boom in 40 years. The words from the book translated from page to action. Readers found themselves living a love affair with the book, whether it played ... Read More

sales management

The Manager Who Doesn’t: A Guide to Better Sales Management

There are many people in our industry with the title of “manager”, but very few who deserve it. This happens for countless reasons in sales management. Some feel entitled by this newfound title and don’t believe they need to. Others claim they’re too busy. Surely some have been promoted to the point of incompetence and don’t know where to start. In the end, the reason many managers ... Read More

pay plan

What They’re Worth: A Pay Plan Paradox

Pay plan scenarios continue to vex everyone from dealer owners to salespeople. While DealerKnows is called upon to consult on pay plans for different positions, historical expectations continue to be obstacles in their design. We must get away from antiquated expectations for pay, and start paying people what the position is worth in terms of value to the organization. I’ve long said the ... Read More

the right way

Using Auto-Responders the Right Way

Auto-responders can be unwanted noise to a shopper, or they could be the key that opens the door. It all depends how you build and schedule yours. Our clients know that our DealerKnows auto-responder is one of our little-discussed secrets to engagement success. While all of our templates have evolved and changed over the years, our auto-responder has held true. Across all of our dealers, our ... Read More

ocean vue adventures

Reputation Management: Can You Tell Your Side of the Story?

Whether they be unhappy customers or Internet trolls, the ability to leave online reviews for businesses can be extremely hurtful to an organization’s profits. Not every review is filled with truth. It is just one side of the story, and if it is targeted toward your business, are you ever in the right to share your side of the story? A few years ago, my beautiful wife and I were celebrating ... Read More

sacred cow

Can you Kill a Sacred Cow?

Almost everything I write stems from an emotional rant I go on during conversations with friends. As Jeff Kershner of DealerRefresh and I were grumbling about pushback from sales professionals unwilling to adapt to mobile technology in the showroom, I asked, “Can you kill a sacred cow?” The best of the best salespeople on our retail floors are untouchable by management and ownership, ... Read More

Joe Webb’s Predictions for Automotive Marketing in 2016

Joe Webb of DealerKnows shares his thoughts on upcoming trends for automotive marketing in 2016 with you (as requested by Diane Massie and the team from L2T Read More

Aromachology, Scent Marketing, and Your Dealership

As a father of two wonderful sons on the Autism Spectrum, I can say that no stone is unturned or research unread that would help soothe my childrens’ anxieties and calm their spirits. My wife and I had researched about the psychology and science of scents, known as aromachology, and the behavioral benefits of certain smells. At the current time, we have the smell of lavender gently wafting ... Read More

An Introduction to the Road to Loyalty

About four and a half years ago, Joe and I came up with the concept of the Road to Loyalty. With all of this controversy we created when we said the Road to the Sale is dead, I figured we should take the time to outline the philosophy we’ve been sharing with our dealer partners for years. (Whether the RTS has vanished, is alive, or in some sort of zombie state, we officially declared our ... Read More

Havanese puppy

Is Your Website Alive or Dead?

There are countless website providers beating down your doors and crashing through the phones. Some have great products and some have not-so-great products. Dealers need to understand that websites are not products. They are pets. If you believe your website is a ‘leave-it-alone and let it do it’s thing’ robot, your website is going to be a misbehaving, costly animal. They should not be ... Read More