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marketing budget

8 Marketing Budget Priorities to Dedicate Dollars to in 2017

The i’s have been dotted and the t’s have been crossed on the marketing budget for 2016. You’re wrapping up another great summer of sales. You’d always like to sell more, but you’re comfortable with the direction of your store. The dollars you’ve dedicated toward your marketing is well placed and understood. As you prepare to face the gusty winds of winter leading you into 2017, you ... Read More

massaging the data

Beware of Companies that Massage the Data

Dealership owners are becoming more and more progressive and data-driven. Like leadership at Fortune 500 companies, they make executive decisions based upon internal results and exterior data to improve their stores’ fortunes. However, I’m issuing a stern warning when making changes to your policies, processes, and personnel: Beware of Companies that Massage the Data Unlike my partner, Bill ... Read More

Ask The Expert

Ask the Experts – What is the Right First Vehicle Photo?

If there’s anything that drives me crazy, it’s the latest trend or fad to have that first or only vehicle photo be the 3/4 PASSENGER side shot, versus the 3/4 DRIVER side. It is my crusade to figure out why this absurd practice is being pushed so heavily. You can tell I have an opinion on the matter. I have decades of ad experience under my belt, much of that photographing and ... Read More

Joe Webb and Kate Frost

Being InstaGreat with Instagram: A Q&A with Kate Frost

Allow me to introduce you to Kate Frost of Kate Frost Inc and Polished Digital. As mutual respect and professional admiration has evolved into a friendship, I thought I’d ask her to share some social media best practices with our blog’s growing number of subscribers. For the benefit of our followers, I’m going to tap this resource and let words of wisdom pour out. Joe: Kate, You know that ... Read More


“Let ME Show YOU What I Can Put On YOUR Website”

Let ME Show YOU What I Can Put On YOUR Website!” – the DD21 Exhibit Hall Request Perusing the latest and greatest offerings that exhibiting vendors have to show is one of the many highlights of Digital Dealer conferences. After each conference, though, I tend to be amazed at the similarities between the tools and services. Buzzwords bounce off the walls in abundance. Over the last ... Read More

Ask The Expert

Ask the Experts – Should my BDC be setting appointments or selling cars?

Hey Joe, I read your stuff (and always have), but this is my first time reaching out. I’m the General Manager of an import store in the midwest, with a 3 person BDC. My question is, is the priority of my BDC to be setting appointments or selling cars online? While I’ve seen your “just get them in” video, I always felt the benefit of a BDC handling calls over my sales team ... Read More

you are what you eat

The New Online Search: You Are What You EAT

You are who the customer believes you are. That may not always be your preferred image of you, but it is what you’re stuck with. Online search has changed and the content you create is a digital version of website nutrition. Google has updated the way they evaluate your site’s value. Based on their quality ratings guidelines, you are what you EAT. The semantic web has blossomed into the need ... Read More

great deal

Don’t Promise, Prove

Here lies the obligatory first paragraph about how consumers are online and absorbing information now more than ever, yada yada yada. You’ve heard it before. It’s beaten to death in every blog you read. I won’t bore you with it again. We already know consumers seek more answers, but that too has grown not to be good enough. So what more can you give them? In our retail environment, car ... Read More

50 shades of grey

Don’t Have a 50 Shades of Grey Relationship With Your Customers

As every warm-blooded human remembers, 2011 was a great year whether you were a reader, or married to a reader. 🙂 It was then that the erotic novel “50 Shades of Grey” debuted and was consumed vigorously, launching the biggest baby boom in 40 years. The words from the book translated from page to action. Readers found themselves living a love affair with the book, whether it played ... Read More

email marketing

Email Marketing: The Automation Equation

To automate or not to automate? That is the email marketing question. Time is finite, but words are plentiful. Your team may be skilled in penning the greatest emails read by man, woman, or child, but they likely do not have the time. Automation plays a key role in building out a worthy lead management process. How much automation should occur, then, is the question. If lead volume is low, it may ... Read More