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Ford Private Offer

Ford Dealers: Don’t Discount the Ford Private Offer

Ford Motor Company is doing their due diligence to retain happy customers on your behalf. Are you helping the cause or dropping the ball? If you’re unaware, the manufacturer is sending out “Ford Private Offers” to targeted Ford owners in your area with additional discounts. This direct mail piece involves information on current models, along with a card offering an additional discount on ... Read More


Do You Tighten Your CRM Belt?

I spend more time thinking about CRMs than I should. Even if a perfect one existed, users of the tool would find a way to mess it up. Last week I was reviewing how a lead was handled on behalf of a dealer client. While the salesperson handling the prospect was checking the “complete” box for each fulfilled task assigned to them, there were zero notes. No details of contact or ... Read More

Vehicle Recall

I Have a Vehicle Recall. Now What?

So you have a vehicle recall. What do you do now? I joined the folks at VinAdvisor to share our advice on how to handle your vehicle Read More

Ask The Expert

Ask the Experts with Joe Webb: From ISM to Internet Director

Hi! I have an interview as an Internet Director at a high volume dealership my friend works at. I however, have only ever been an ISM at a small RV dealership. I’m not worried about the role of a BDC/Internet Sales Manager, but am afraid I am out of my depth as an actual director. What tools are in my toolbox to become an expert? Thanks, Austin ________________________________________ My ... Read More


The Best Sales Advice You’ve Ever Received

CallDrip recently interviewed several of the top automotive sales experts and asked, “What is the best piece of sales advice you’ve ever received?” Our very own Joe Webb shared some of the sales advice that he has been given himself, as well as some he shares with others. Read on and see what Joe (and others) have to ... Read More

suggestion box

Do Your Employees Have a Suggestion Box?

Feedback from customers is imperative to know what your dealership is doing right and wrong when it comes to consumer interaction. From CSI surveys catching the insights of post-sale clients, to online review sites allowing shoppers to share their experiences (sold and unsold). To understand your company’s pain points, it can’t solely be from the customers’ perception. Your own people need ... Read More

Car Shopping Advice

I readily contribute my time to improve the car shopping experience for consumers, as well as the car purchase process for dealers. In this week’s video conversation with VinAdvisor, we share 5 helpful hints when shopping for cars. Car shopping advice in small, easy-to-consume doses. There are countless steps you can take when preparing for the purchase of your next vehicle. Do your ... Read More

Be-Back to the Future

DealerKnows is proud to create outside-of-the-box videos on behalf of our dealer clients. Check out the first in our series of Arlington Toyota shorts, “Be-Back to the Future” and learn what happens when a client on the verge of buying considers shopping elsewhere. Starring: Laura Penn Robin Chandley Joe Webb Written by: Joe Webb Directed: David Hudson Joe Webb Shot and Edited ... Read More

FAQ page

The Undervalued FAQ page and How to Build It

The Undervalued FAQ page and How to Build It – as seen in Dealer Magazine, October 2016 Your customers have questions. You can only hope that your people have the answers. Not all of your prospective clients (or loyal customers) want to speak to a live agent, though, so they visit your website in search of a quick solution. Above and beyond the relatively generic content placed onto your ... Read More

How Technology Has Changed Car Buying

In a new video conversation series about automotive retail, I discuss the many ways dealership operations and consumer behavior is affecting car buying (and car sales). In this video: Jim Dykstra, Founder/CEO of VinAdvisor (a firm specializing in Online Car Buying), Shawn Ryder, President of Dealer Engage, and I – Joe Webb of DealerKnows – chat about how the interwebs is changing ... Read More