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“Let ME Show YOU What I Can Put On YOUR Website”

Let ME Show YOU What I Can Put On YOUR Website!” – the DD21 Exhibit Hall Request Perusing the latest and greatest offerings that exhibiting vendors have to show is one of the many highlights of Digital Dealer conferences. After each conference, though, I tend to be amazed at the similarities between the tools and services. Buzzwords bounce off the walls in abundance. Over the last ... Read More

The Sales Call Showdown

Two car salesmen compete to answer a phone call at their dealership, yet their competitive nature is more important than the customer in this funny car sales comedy. Starring Joe Webb of DealerKnows Jerry Thibeau of Phone Ninjas Kristin Haynes Written by Joe Webb Edited by Dave Hudson and Joe Webb Directed by Joe Webb and Dave Hudson of D Hudson Read More

thank you

A Thank-You Letter for Joe Webb of DealerKnows

Every now and then we receive a fan letter that warrants being shared.  With as much writing, speaking, and videos as we do, it is truly a blessing to get messages like this.  It validates all of our hardwork and efforts, so for that, we thank you. ____________________________________ Good Afternoon Joe, We have met a few times at Digital Dealer workshops over the last few years. I was at a ... Read More

Joe Webb and Bill Playford

Where in the World is DealerKnows?

While we spend a good majority of our time training Internet and BDC teams on how best to improve the online operations of dealerships, occasionally we make appearances at industry conferences, non-automotive tech conferences, and NADA and NCM 20 groups. We want to make sure you are aware of our presence at popular digital events that your own employees should be attending. The DrivingSales ... Read More


Monotonous Multitasking

What is listed under the ‘Responsibilities’ section of your Internet Manager’s job description? (Provided you’ve written them one). Monotonous multitasking may as well be. This phrase defines more about what your Internet operators do during their daily grind than any other phrase I can conjure. When stepping foot into dealerships week after week to train new clients, I hear one of three ... Read More

Joe Webb

Internet Sales Trainer Creates Online Buzz with Funny Video

PRLog (Press Release) – Apr 10, 2010 – Joe Webb, President of Dealer Knows Consulting, was asked to create a basic, straight-forward promotional video for his upcoming session at the popular Digital Dealer Conference, but what he delivered was much more The title of the seminar, “It’s the Lead to Appointment Show! with your host, Joe Webb” teaches automotive ... Read More

Unique Vehicle Descriptions

The unlikely event when a customer chooses to purchase a vehicle based on the mundane, unnecessary descriptions of features that the vehicle is listed with online. Debuted at the 11th Digital Dealer Conference – during the session – Merchandizzle Starring: Joe Webb Arnold Tijerina Bill Playford Tim Hommer Written and Produced by: Joe Webb Directed by: David Read More

The Digital Dealer Conference Hangover

This has nothing to do with drinking.  You may not have consumed a drop of alcohol or stayed up past your bed time once while attending the recent 11th Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas.  But you are still feeling the effects over a week later. Your head hurts.  Your eyes are bloodshot.  Your feet ache from the walking.  You have just consumed too much knowledge.  Your brain is mad at ... Read More

instant gratification

Instant Gratification: Why outsourcing live chat isn’t always your best bet.

Ten years ago, we used to say that customers preferred submitting email leads rather than walking into the store because it gave them instant gratification. They could have their questions answered immediately. Nowadays, we all know this was a joke because the average response time took forever and still to this day in the industry it is well over an hour (and over 4 hours in some locations). ... Read More

planning ahead

Planning Ahead

With the 9th Digital Dealer Conference fast approaching, it’s never too early to begin preparing for the experience.  If you are one of the lucky dealership professionals attending (along with a thousand of your peers), make sure you get everything out of it you need.  To do so, start with a plan.  Either your ownership or you see this conference as a valuable enough learning institution to ... Read More