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When a Sales Manager Calls

Joe Webb highlights a common and frustrating occurrence when he parodies a typical call from a car dealership Sales Manager to the stores’ Internet Director in this funny sketch. Starring Joe Webb of DealerKnows Jerry Thibeau of Phone Ninjas Bill Haynes Written by Joe Webb Edited by Dave Hudson and Joe Webb Directed by Joe Webb and Dave Hudson of D Hudson Read More

Ignite Dealer Summit promo video – Joe Webb

Check out my largely improvised reenactment and promo video for the Ignite Dealer Summit in Minneapolis MN. This is how I believe Cuneo Advertising Agency arrived at the name Ignite Dealer Summit. Obviously, none of the actors in this production are affiliated with the agency and our reenactment is totally fake and without merit. Read More

The Dating Game

Here is my newest (somewhat) comedic video, The Dating Game. Created for the Lead to Appointment Show session at the 8th Digital Dealer Conference, it details how dealerships must put their best foot forward when managing a customer’s expectations before visiting instead of confirming their beliefs that they will be meeting with old school car Read More

The Not Good Interview

A car sales manager interviews a potential employee using only closed ended questions – with hilarious results. Written by Joe Webb and Performed by Joe Webb and Dave Hudson of D Hudson Productions in Chicago, The Not Good Interview details the importance of knowing how auto dealers should interview and what questions (open ended and closed ended) to use to find the right candidate. Also ... Read More

First Day on the Job

The First Day on the Job highlights the horrible orientation practices followed by automotive dealers by comedically detailing a “day in the life” of a new hire at an auto dealership. Finding strong candidates for our automotive showrooms and BDCs continue to be an issue that we must address. Starring Joe Webb, Tim and Tammy Jennings, Joe David, and the best filmmaker and film editor ... Read More