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ratings and reviews

One Important Reminder About Ratings and Reviews

“Ratings and reviews drive our business.” “Can you leave me a 5-star rating?” “Only excellent across the board will do.” “Would you be willing to give me a testimonial?” “Your feedback means the world to us.” We have been inundated with the belief that ratings, reviews, customer testimonials, and CSI scores are the gateway to more business, higher traffic counts, and ... Read More


Do You Tighten Your CRM Belt?

I spend more time thinking about CRMs than I should. Even if a perfect one existed, users of the tool would find a way to mess it up. Last week I was reviewing how a lead was handled on behalf of a dealer client. While the salesperson handling the prospect was checking the “complete” box for each fulfilled task assigned to them, there were zero notes. No details of contact or ... Read More

Ask The Expert

Ask the Experts with Joe Webb: From ISM to Internet Director

Hi! I have an interview as an Internet Director at a high volume dealership my friend works at. I however, have only ever been an ISM at a small RV dealership. I’m not worried about the role of a BDC/Internet Sales Manager, but am afraid I am out of my depth as an actual director. What tools are in my toolbox to become an expert? Thanks, Austin ________________________________________ My ... Read More


The Best Sales Advice You’ve Ever Received

CallDrip recently interviewed several of the top automotive sales experts and asked, “What is the best piece of sales advice you’ve ever received?” Our very own Joe Webb shared some of the sales advice that he has been given himself, as well as some he shares with others. Read on and see what Joe (and others) have to ... Read More

FAQ page

The Undervalued FAQ page and How to Build It

The Undervalued FAQ page and How to Build It – as seen in Dealer Magazine, October 2016 Your customers have questions. You can only hope that your people have the answers. Not all of your prospective clients (or loyal customers) want to speak to a live agent, though, so they visit your website in search of a quick solution. Above and beyond the relatively generic content placed onto your ... Read More

John Michael Montgomery

Don’t Let Salespeople Be John Michael Montgomery on the Phone

Is there anything sadder than a country song? I listened to country music during a stretch between 1990 and 1994. That was it. Pretty much gave up on any country after that time frame. But those years seemed to be the renaissance for country music. Artists such as Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Clint Black, the aforementioned John Michael Montgomery, and others all came out during, or ... Read More

sales management

The Manager Who Doesn’t: A Guide to Better Sales Management

There are many people in our industry with the title of “manager”, but very few who deserve it. This happens for countless reasons in sales management. Some feel entitled by this newfound title and don’t believe they need to. Others claim they’re too busy. Surely some have been promoted to the point of incompetence and don’t know where to start. In the end, the reason many managers ... Read More

traffic cop

Does Your Dealership Need a Traffic Cop?

Have you ever run a red light? Did you do it by accident? Not paying attention? Did you need to because you were in a hurry? Or maybe you did because no one was around and you just felt like it. Could that have been it? Inevitably, the law catches up with everyone that continues to break the rules of the road, whether it be a stiff warning, a few points on a license, or a citation and fine. You ... Read More

pay plan

What They’re Worth: A Pay Plan Paradox

Pay plan scenarios continue to vex everyone from dealer owners to salespeople. While DealerKnows is called upon to consult on pay plans for different positions, historical expectations continue to be obstacles in their design. We must get away from antiquated expectations for pay, and start paying people what the position is worth in terms of value to the organization. I’ve long said the ... Read More

cuts corners

The Road to Loyalty: Are You Speeding Up or Cutting Corners?

Vehicle buyers’ primary complaints regarding their purchases continue to be about time. They are frustrated with the time it takes to complete a sales transaction on the dealership lot.  Heck, they’re upset at how long it still takes us to respond back to an email inquiry, answer a phone, and pick up a live chat, so you know that four hours in a showroom to a guest feels like an eternity. As ... Read More