"Joe Webb"

Because someone had to do it.

Many many moons ago, when Joe was a wee car salesman, the General Manager of his dealership held up a sheet of paper during a sales meeting and said “Someone sent in an electronic mail.  Anyone know what to do with this?” Joe grabbed the piece of paper and thus began his love affair with everything automotive Internet sales and digital marketing.

From his upbringing as a wide-eyed sales representative, Joe tackled multiple positions in retail with gusto.  While primarily focusing on Internet sales and marketing during his time in retail, he still engaged in roles of closer, sales management, finance management, and more, all while creating one of the industry’s top Internet departments and Business Development Centers.  His department was consistently responsible for over 50% of the dealership’s total sales and 90% of all appointment traffic. He began writing for Digital Dealer Magazine in their second issue and quickly became an industry leader on lead management, process distribution, dealership structure, and inventory merchandising.  Many of the processes he personally created are regarded as some of the best practices in the nation.

"Joe Webb"While in retail automotive he received top honors with documented successes, but saw self-proclaimed “experts” with no true dealership experience themselves training dealer personnel; and training them the wrong messages. Thus began Joe’s grand entrance into training and consulting.  Spreading his wings (a wingspan of a 747) has allowed him to show dealerships’ measurable successes by capitalizing on every digital opportunity and tactic they have at their disposal.

His goal is to deliver real world, no-nonsense expertise from an actual in-the-trenches professional in an effort to better the culture of car sales.  Through his training, speaking, blogging, and viral comedic videos, Joe is proving his value to and impact on the automotive industry every day.

"Joe Webb"

DealerKnows (founded in 2008) has quickly become one of the top Internet training firms in the industry because, for the first time, the dealers were learning from someone who has actually been there, done that, and succeeded themselves.  Joe believes you have to intimately know car sales and dealership operations firsthand to enhance it.  Hence… DealerKnows.

Just one more reason why Joe Webb is the REAL DEAL in automotive Internet training.

Joe dedicates his life and his livelihood to his too-good-to-be-true wife and his two little maniac sons that he lovingly nicknamed Bear and Tiger.

Joe Webb

Joe Webb

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Joe Webb

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