DealerKnows Reviews and Endorsements

If you are looking to partner with an Internet Sales training or digital marketing consulting firm, everyone is telling you how great they are. We thought we’d let our clients tell you for themselves. Either way, before you bring a trainer into your store, you have a lot of questions to ask. Most importantly:

  • Does the company come recommended?
  • Who are the people that will be training my team and are they reputable?
  • Have they actually done the jobs themselves and bring with them a track record of success?

Read on (or watch the videos) to learn of just a few of the endorsements DealerKnows, its founder Joe Webb, and his team have received.
(Or if you know us, give us a quick rating and review yourself)

Grant Cardone, NY Times Best-selling author, sales training expert, and owner, Cardone Technologies endorses Joe Webb of DealerKnows Consulting for Internet sales training and digital marketing consulting. Grant Cardone attended Joe Webb’s session at the Innovative Dealer Summit to the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association in Denver and recommends auto dealers to get involved with Joe Webb.

Kristin Haynes, GSM and Vice President, Team Auto Group
“Joe Webb is the best Internet trainer HANDS DOWN! We met him at our 20 group and we have been a client ever since. He started with our struggling Internet department selling a few cars a month and skyrocketed us to over 40 cars per month. He has helped us in our employee recruitment, our Internet process, social media, vendor selection and negotiation. He is truly wonderful and I recommend him and DealerKnows to everyone looking for a serious boost in their volume! (Plus he is really funny)”

Tim Hommer, General Manager of Granger Motors – Tim Hommer discusses how he came to find Joe Webb and DealerKnows Consulting and the improvements his dealership has achieved.

Brandon Cohen, Director of Internet Operations, Ziegler Kalamazoo. Brandon attended Bill and Kate Donovan’s (of Visible Customer) presentation at Digital Dealer 13, and felt compelled to write this:

On Nov 6, 2012, at 4:42 PM, Brandon Cohen <> wrote:

HI Bill/Kate-

Hope all is well!

I was at your Digital Dealer Conference seminar in Vegas and thought your presentation was by far the most interesting one I attended all week!  You both had some GREAT ideas and suggestions.  Most of the presentations are companies trying to sell their tool/product, but neither of you did that.

Thanks again Bill and Kate…You both rocked!

Larry Battison of Battison Auto Group – “Dealer Knows performed an Internet marketing analysis for us. This analysis helped us understand where we could improve, what else we could be doing and cut through the information bias from different vendors. They helped us decide where we should be spending our internet marketing budget. Through their templates and process training, we’ve doubled our closing ratio from 6% to 11.5% in just two and a half months. We cut out some poor performing programs and added others that made more sense. We improved our SEO performance dramatically, which increased our website traffic, where the real good leads come from. We also nearly doubled our lead to show percentages. Above all, they helped us cut through the clutter and understand Internet marketing.”

Lisa Jo Swain, eCommerce Director, SunStar Network – an outsourced BDC company for auto dealers – Listen to what our long-time client SunStar Network and their Internet Director Lisa Jo Swain has to say about the partnership with DealerKnows Consulting.

Bryan Bunch, Internet Director, Russell Barnett Automotive Family –
“We would still be struggling if it wasn’t for Joe and Dealer Knows. He has brought to light what was missing at our dealer group. Since hiring Joe we have gained a understanding that was much needed. If you are looking to gain insight on increasing your Internet business or for that matter your business in general, you can’t go wrong with Joe and his crew.”

Subi Fernando, Sales Director, Joyce Koons Honda Buick GMC – discusses her experience at the Dealer Internet Battle Plan and praises Joe Webb for the information he provided to both her and the other attendees.

Deb Lyons, BDC Director, Anderson Auto Group IL
“Joe Webb is a phenomenal trainer. His knowledge level in the industry rivals people who have been in the automobile business for 50+ years, combined with a “today” approach that ensures that you are getting every last drop out of the internet/BDC department to maximize profits for the dealership. He is tireless, taking phone calls constantly, working with me to set up this department, and a great sounding board, as well. My respect level of Joe is the extreme highest one can achieve in our business. The BDC is up and running and quickly producing phenomenal numbers with his guiding hand, managing through the issues that arise to get the end result – success. Thank you to Joe, who I also consider a trusted friend in our business that I can call on whenever the need arises.”


Joseph Clementi, General Manager, Journey Ford
“Joe has an exceptional understanding of the dynamics that make up the Internet. Joe has tremendous insight as to the skills needed to have a successful Internet department. His training is ahead of the competition by far, and I would recommend him to anyone interested in increasing sales, improving CSI scores and capturing market share. Joe’s unique humor and self-deprecation makes him a likeable partner and friend. Talk with him for a few moments and you’ll see what makes Joe such a trusted advisor.”

Renee Stuart CPC, ELI-MP, Leadership Coach and Personal Brand Strategist for Automotive Professionals at Reputation Revenue
“Joe Webb represents the ‘truth’ about what car dealers need in order to be successful in social business. Leveraging his retail automotive experience and extraordinary business acumen, Joe knows how to find the obscure gaps between your people and processes. He meets the dealer right where they’re at, then helps them execute a clearly defined plan that will engage the entire team and produce profitable growth. If you’re looking to hire an automotive consultant (with real-world automotive experience), you will want to call Joe Webb. When your hire him, be prepared to have fun and laugh a lot – he’s a very funny guy.”


Rob Fontano, Internet Sales and Digital Marketing Director, Infiniti of Fort Myers
“I cannot think of a time when I was in Joe Webb’s presence that I did not learn something. Joe has a vast knowledge of the auto industry and the skill set to effectively train innovative best practices and proven processes. Joe has both dominated his field as an automotive Internet and digital marketing practitioner and now as a well respected consultant and trainer. For any dealer that wishes their digital efforts were better executed, Joe Webb would be a very valuable asset.”


Ralph Paglia, Vice President, Tier 10 Marketing and Grandfather of Internet Sales
“Joe Webb is one of those rare professionals that people will go out of their way to work with. His commitment to the objectives adopted by his team is greater than anyone else I have worked with. His personality and ability to lead from a referent or expertise basis are unique in the auto industry and worthy of great merit. I give my highest recommendations to Joe Webb who is an automotive professional that I admire and respect”


Craig Stewart, Internet Sales Manager, Community Ford –
“Joe is a great source for internet sales consulting. He worked with the Community Automotive Group for the last five months helping with follow up and best practice procedures, as well as helping create our new dealer websites.”


Todd Smith, President, ActivEngage
“Joe is the guy who always makes me smile every time I see him. His greatest strength is his passion. I admire Joe for not only his abilities but also the demands he puts onto himself in everything he does. He is a very knowledgeable automotive trainer who knows the business through and through. If you are looking for someone to help build your Internet business then Joe is a great choice. His expertise is worth the investment.”


April Rain, Founder, DigitalRain
“Joe Webb is a unique find in the automotive sales and marketing community. He is one of the funniest people, and I love the way he uses humor to teach and guide dealers to success. Dealers have a hard enough time balancing their 100 million responsibilities and at the end of the day they don’t want to be lectured about what they are doing wrong. Joe Webb makes education and growth fun and interesting. He is the type of consultant that I continually want to see because I grow as an industry professional every time he speaks. He is the type of guy that will help a dealer out regardless of the sale. He is invested in this industry and it shows in his commitment to education. I recently worked with Joe at the 2011 Ignite Dealer Summit and he was professional, diligent and delivered beyond my exceptions. I highly recommend Joe Webb, as your business is in good hands when he is working with you.”


Christian Salazar, National Sales Director, DealerFire
“Joe Webb continues to amaze me with his up-to-date ideas and practices. I can always look his way for solid advice on where the marketplace is, and where it is heading. I strongly recommend Joe to anyone looking to not only take over their field, but dominate it.”


Sandi Jerome, Owner, Sandi Jerome Computer Consulting
“Joe really knows the Internet! I have read his articles in Digital Dealer and I’m amazed with his depth of knowledge – AND – the current status of Internet marketing and sales!”


Kim Clouse, Internet Director, Scott Crump Toyota Scion
“Joe Webb is what I call the funniest man in automotive. He also happens to be one of the most professional and proficient E-Commerce professionals in the industry. Joe is cutting edge and knows exactly what do to make a BDC or Internet department fly. And I mean fly. Joe Webb gets my highest recommendation.”