While some find it easy to throw around crazy percentages, we thought we’d share what happens when we come in to pick up their pieces.

Anyone can show triple digit growth when starting from scratch. We too have shown dealers just starting out those astronomical, thousand-percent increases one would expect to achieve.  However, those growth rates for start-up departments never tell the whole story.  It is more common that we assist dealers who’ve reached a plateau with their current Internet efforts and need a jumpstart.  This is where we shine. Typically, within the first six months we bring on a client with an already-established Internet department, DealerKnows averages a 69% increase in the dealer’s monthly Internet sales volume; nearly 20 cars more per month.  We like to think this is particularly impressive given that DealerKnows helps reduce advertising spend during that same time period. It probably explains why we have retained the majority of our clients since day-one, and create more loyal partners every day.

If you are looking to work with a consulting firm that truly acts as a partner with a proven track record of success through hands-on coaching and training, just give us a call.