Car Shopping Advice

I readily contribute my time to improve the car shopping experience for consumers, as well as the car purchase process for dealers. In this week’s video conversation with VinAdvisor, we share 5 helpful hints when shopping for cars. Car shopping advice in small, easy-to-consume doses. There are countless steps you can take when preparing for the purchase of your next vehicle. Do your ... Read More

Be-Back to the Future

DealerKnows is proud to create outside-of-the-box videos on behalf of our dealer clients. Check out the first in our series of Arlington Toyota shorts, “Be-Back to the Future” and learn what happens when a client on the verge of buying considers shopping elsewhere. Starring: Laura Penn Robin Chandley Joe Webb Written by: Joe Webb Directed: David Hudson Joe Webb Shot and Edited ... Read More

How Technology Has Changed Car Buying

In a new video conversation series about automotive retail, I discuss the many ways dealership operations and consumer behavior is affecting car buying (and car sales). In this video: Jim Dykstra, Founder/CEO of VinAdvisor (a firm specializing in Online Car Buying), Shawn Ryder, President of Dealer Engage, and I – Joe Webb of DealerKnows – chat about how the interwebs is changing ... Read More

Joe Webb’s Predictions for Automotive Marketing in 2016

Joe Webb of DealerKnows shares his thoughts on upcoming trends for automotive marketing in 2016 with you (as requested by Diane Massie and the team from L2T Read More

Joe Webb to Speak at Inaugural CBT Conference

At the inaugural CBT Conference in Atlanta, Joe Webb of DealerKnows will be speaking in a session titled ‘What is Your Digital Aptitude?’ Make sure to register at Read More

An Oak Lawn Story

A Story of An Oak Lawn Story

Every now and then we get to take off our training hats, let our hair down, and collaborate with a dealership to make an awesome video. In this case, Oak Lawn Toyota came back to us with one mission: Make a better commercial than “Keys in a Box”, the now banned, viral music video that racked up 200k+ views in a few weeks, along with mentions nationwide in Adweek, Jalopnik, AdAge, and ... Read More

CarStory: A Word from Used Car Experts

DealerKnows was honored to hand-pick leading thought-leaders from around the nation to be on the first CarStory Advisory Council. An entire day was spent sharing a collective vision on the improvement on used car marketing, merchandising and sales. Here are a few of the excerpts from Interviews conducted by our very own, Joe Webb. Esteemed members of the CarStory Advisory Council include: Kevin ... Read More

Reconditioning the Trade

In our efforts to assist dealers and vendors alike as they brave the automotive landscape of prospective clients, it is every so often we get brought in to make comedic videos as a means of building awareness of products/tools/services. One of our good friends, Jerry Thibeau, has created a reconditioning process software (Recon Ninjas) that can help speed up the trade-in and recon cycle for ... Read More

A Car Guy and a Data Scientist Walk Into a Bar…

The promo video for our upcoming session at the Insight15 Conference in Orlando. Sign up now so as not to miss out: This session will involve consumer shopping data explained to quench your thirst and sell more cars presented by: Joe Webb, President, DealerKnows Consulting and Chad Bockius, CMO, Vast With some of the most insightful data regarding consumers‘ ... Read More

You’ve Got Lead

I’m honored to have been hired by Jacuzzi to speak at their International conference in Los Angeles on the subject matters of process improvement and lead management. In this (slightly comedic) video made for Jacuzzi, I share an example of how an Internet lead is mishandled at a hot tub dealership. “You’ve Got Read More