clean slate

The Clean Slate Internet Department

I was called out by a reader of my blog, and rightfully so. All of my writings are always born from a conversation had with another in our industry. I get to chatting, get to thinking, and then get to typing. After a conversation/question posed to me by a dealer owner, I wrote the blog “Is It Time to CTRL ALT DEL Your Internet Department?” In this article, I simply posed the question to get ... Read More

This one is for the ladies…

There’s been a few lively discussions recently about women in the automotive industry. I never was a “feminist”, nor do I consider myself one today. However, I just came into this industry and slowly realized all the things I had to BE in order to be taken half as seriously as the men around me. So, here is my advice… Be strong. Be assertive. Be aggressive. Don’t ... Read More

Plastic Man and Elastigirl are Cartoon Characters

Maximizing your employees is certainly one the primary responsibilities of managers the world around. Managers love knowing that their people are giving it their all, day-in and day-out. Managers love knowing more that some of their employees can take on additional responsibility and still excel. And this is where some managers fail. When we created our (De?)Evolution of the Internet Sales ... Read More

Upward Mobility

Staffing Your Internet Department From Within

Dealerships don’t often support the American dream.  Knowing that the people you employ are the key to your success, I still find it frustrating how often a dealer looks outside of its own walls to find new talent.  We are from a society where the goal is to have upward mobility in our careers and yet we rarely offer our own the chance. More than most, I recognize that Internet sales, lead ... Read More


Preparing to Grow Your Internet Department – part 2

Before you begin recruiting or interviewing for the position, you must do three things before searching for and hiring an Internet Manager/Director. 1) Determine the hierarchy of the store. Who will this person, in a new department, be reporting to? Often anyone from sales managers to salespeople believe they can delegate work to someone in the Internet department while the top stores usually ... Read More


Preparing to Grow your Internet Department

It’s not the wand that makes the magic happen, but the magician who wields it. All of the tools, solutions, and leads in the world may be necessary to stay competitive, but it is the people you employ that make you profitable. If a dealership is only as good as the people speaking to their customers, we must make sure we have the right people representing us in the first place. One of the ... Read More

Know your role

Know Your Role

For dealers, your store often tells the story of your life. This is especially true for those second and third generation dealers. Every day, your dealership puts on a show for the consumer. The customers are your audience and you are the director. When you open the doors, you are pulling back the curtain for all to see. You’ve brought in the cast and paid their wages. You’ve done your job. ... Read More

glass slipper

The Perfect Fit

Finding strong candidates for Internet Departments and Business Development Centers continues to be a challenge.It is a rare breed of person that can stay personally motivated sitting in front of a computer, expecting to hear ‘no’ over 80% of the time.What type of candidate is the perfect fit?   The perfect fit definitely depends on your process and their job responsibilities.Dealers must ... Read More