Videos are essential to your online success.

From increasing a visitor’s time on your website to branding your dealership and team, video marketing plays a significant role in how you are perceived and engaged online. DealerKnows (often known for their viral industry videos) offers you the ability to have professional and dynamic videos filmed on-site at your dealership with your team.  We have a professional filmmaker shooting a series of videos that will improve your online presence and website performance. SHOW customers who you are with the power of video marketing with one of these three packages.

Theatrical Edition:

Eight essential videos, that:
Welcome current and future customers
Brand identify your store on your website
Introduce your team through video bios
Detail your dealership’s offerings from multiple departments
Devastate your competition

Extended Edition:

Includes all the videos filmed in the Theatrical Edition.

Adds an opening 30-second spot for online commercials/videos
as well as films and edits scheduled Customer Testimonial to be used in future online/television advertising campaigns

Also includes the filming of three “how-to” videos to be shared on your site and social networks, for a total of eleven professionally-produced and edited videos.

Best of all, our professional filmmaker and videographer spends time with your Internet/Inventory Manager and provides a “how-to” training session on developing clean, consistent Vehicle Video Walk-arounds for your store.

Director’s Cut:

Your best chance of going VIRAL
Five fully produced webisodes starring your staff
All material will be uniquely written for each client, often comedic in nature
Videos are intended to be distributed through your social networking channels and engage, delight, brand, and entertain more than ever before

Get your chance to be like our resident comedians Joe and Bill with our Director’s Cut video package. Contact us NOW and get famous.