Develop services for people who use them.

By virtue of using several products and services while working at the dealer level, developing our own technologies and services, as well as working with our clients from around the country, DealerKnows has hands-on experience with a wide range of dealer technology. In fact, nearly 20% of our time is spent working with our clients to help sort out their tools! So when it comes creating and implanting technology that’s dealer-driven, there’s no need to look past DealerKnows.

Just so it’s clear: DealerKnows prides itself on never taking a single kick-back from a vendor. It allows us to remain brand agnostic, maintain our integrity, and most importantly, protect the best interests of our dealer clients. We are not interested in signing reseller or referral agreements. We only recommend the very best vendors to our clients, and only want the guarantee of the best pricing and attention in return. This is how vendors earn our endorsement.

That being said, we understand vendors themselves often need additional insight as to the inner-workings of dealerships, in addition to advice on how to best shape solutions for the dealer body. Because of our strong commitment to dealerships, we gladly help like-minded vendors improve dealer performance.

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Since 2010, DealerKnows has offered these vendor-focused consulting services to a select group of businesses to ensure their products and services are used to their fullest extent at the dealer level. Since then, we’ve:

  • Improved user interfaces
Simplified layouts
  • Delivered relevant information
Improved accountability
  • Streamlined support
Increased retention
  • Integrated into OEM offerings

If you share our passion, and you feel like your company is missing the mark, DealerKnows is here to help. Take a look at some of our business more popular consulting offerings:

Installation and Implementation:

Create a customized, progressive installation and training program
Increase utilization and buy-in at the client level
Ensure best practices are being followed by your dealer clients

Industry Visibility:

Align with proper media channels
Increase advertising footprint
Facilitate dealer interaction
Maximize conference presence

Product Development:

Collaborate with product development teams to maximize market impact
Evaluate future product positioning
Beta test evolving products
Gather feedback from potential users

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