TaskTeacher is a patent-pending Internet Process Evaluation technology that immediately alerts sales management when people are off process so you save deals.  Through a weighted and scored process, your Internet handlers are graded as to how well they are following up with their Internet leads.  Both the Internet sales team and sales managers are provided a detailed report of how each lead was (mis)handled and what steps must be taken to convert the customer into an Internet sale.  This is the first-ever Internet Process Evaluation lead management and coaching software that has proven to improve Internet manager performance.  

What TaskTeacher does for you:

    • Details email and phone correspondence analysis performed by the DealerKnows Team
    • Alerts automatically emailed to dealership management when processes aren’t followed
    • Ensures every lead is followed up with properly and no lead is left untouched
    • Assigns weighted numerical scores critical process functions
    • Ensures consistent adherence to correspondence strategy
    • Includes an amazing reporting dashboard to monitor historical grades and improvements
    • Delivers quantifiable results through our own technology and team.
      (Packages tailored to suit goals)

If you want DealerKnows to monitor your team and your competition in an effort to stay ahead of the market, just contact us now for an Internet Process Evaluation demonstration.