Are you ready for a Service BDC?

More than ever before, OEMs are recognizing the importance of, not just sales-focused BDCs, but service BDCs. Studies show that 74% all dealership calls are for service and parts. It’s not a matter of merely being compliant to maintain your OEM bonus. It is a matter of meeting today’s customer expectations.¬†Proactive calls, service scheduling updates, and customer service follow-ups are now a necessity to retaining your clients in the future.

Service BDCThrough in-store BDC trainers and hands-on coaching, DealerKnows will make certain your Service Department is the long-term profit center it was destined to be. We will ensure you are employing the right people, processes, templates, and scripts to start your Service BDC off right. The top dealers dedicate just as much attention to the retention of clients, as the conquest. Are you ready to do the same?

Don’t wait for your OEM to change the rules (or your customers to seek a higher level of service elsewhere). Call us at 312-857-5083 to get your Service BDC rolling today.