Program for Dealers

Do you personally have to time to ensure your Internet department and Business Development Center staff are using industry best-practices to improve your bottom line?

Are you maximizing your leads to the fullest and bringing every online prospect from Appointment to Show to Sale?

Are you training your sales and management staff the correct way to handle today’s internet-researched shoppers?

DealerKnows Consulting offers three multiple consulting packages:

Virtual Dealer Training Program

Simply put, we manage your Internet Department off-site with Daily/Monthly, revolving, virtual training and metrics evaluation.   (3-month and 6-month VID training packages available.) Learn more at
Includes all best-in-class DealerKnows Templates, Processes, and Scripts provided

As part of the Virtual Dealer Training program, I, on a daily basis:

  • Review internet correspondence to ensure best practices are being employed.
  • Mystery shop your dealer and its two closest competitors weekly to determine pricing strategy on top 4 models.
  • Listen to recorded inbound phone calls (if available).
  • Police the Metrics and Ratios to make sure no lead goes unanswered and all vehicles are properly advertised.
  • Provide unaltered, unbiased reports from the CRM/ILM and consistently implement new strategies to better increase customer response and appointment ratio.
  • Hold Daily Calls and Virtual/Video training to your on-site Internet Department staff.
  • Train on the Best Practices of Online Inventory Management, Marketing, and Advertising.

Virtual Internet Director program can begin or culminate with an on-site training

In-store Consulting

1-Day, 2-Day, or 3-Day on-site training packages available

On-site Training includes hands-on coaching and best practice training.
Includes all best-in-class DealerKnows Templates, Processes, and Phone Scripts.
(Consulting Retainer available for long-term, monthly-revolving consulting for progressive Internet Department evolution)

*See below for more details regarding Joe Webb’s on-site training program.

DealerKnows Survival Pack

All best-in-class DealerKnows Templates, Processes, and Phone Scripts provided accompanied with a 2-hour live video training for the Internet Department Manager.
We Can Do It For You – To have Joe Webb and his DealerKnows Preferred Partners completely manage and control any aspect of your Internet Department efforts entirely (Social Media, SEO, Google Page One, etc), simply contact Joe at

Virtual and On-Site Training – Joe Webb and DealerKnows Consulting can effectively improve the online culture of your dealership by training on the best practices of topics such as Email Templates, Lead Management, Internet Department Set-up, Business Development Center Creation, Internet Sales Techniques, Customer Retention, Internet ROI and Metric Analysis, Video Marketing, Social Media/Blogging, Closing Techniques, Reputation Management, Hiring for the department, Website Analysis, Online Inventory Management, CRM/ILM, Online Inventory Marketing, Grassroots Marketing, CSI Improvement, Phone Training, Vendor Relations and Negotiation, SEO/VSEO, SEM, Pay Plans, and the “Internet Road to the Sale”.
Virtual Training – Since we have worked with almost every CRM, ILM, website, and inventory management tool provider/vendor, I have an unmatched understanding of the solutions’ innerworkings and can virtually manage an Internet Department on behalf of a dealer regardless of the solution.  (Also, as one of the few Certified Vin Solutions Trainers in the nation, I have a direct link to VS with a master account that allows immediate transfer of all DealerKnows proprietary data and metric management.)

*On-Site Consulting and Coaching will include:

  • Lead handling process training – Connecting with more prospects, setting appointments and making the sale.
  • Training of the sales staff – Utilizing internet sources to negotiate with internet-shoppers.
  • Internet Road to the Sale – Proven process from the moment a lead makes an appt to the time they drive off in a new vehicle.
  • Metrics Reviews – Goal-creation and expectations for e-marketing reporting/performance  training with management and internet dept staff.
  • Online Inventory Management – Best practices training on how to better market your existing vehicle inventory online to attract more prospects and interest.
  • Email Template Creation – Create best-in-class, customized, email templates (with tried-and-true word tracks) to have a more significant impact with lead prospects.
  • SEO and Google Page One Management – Website search engine optimization through link-building management and training.
  • Enhancement of websites’ content – Updating web pages with search engine-relevant text.
  • Social Media agenda “Daily Workout Plan” to increase SEO and VSEO web traffic.
  • Create Business Listing Profiles on multiple sites to increase SEO.
  • Phone Scripts and phone structure training
  • Internet Job Descriptions and Pay Plan Recommendations (only if requested)

If you want to take your dealership to the next level of online success and provide proper training to your team, contact us here.