The Program for Industry Groups, 20 Groups, OEMs, and State Dealer Associations

DealerKnows President and Founder, Joe Webb, along with his team, have spoken at seminars throughout the nation regarding Internet sales initiatives and the evolution of online advertising.  They are truly Automotive Industry Experts with vast knowledge of every important tactic and topic facing the car industry today, specifically Internet marketing for dealers.

Joe Webb ranting about something importantJoe Webb, Bill Playford, and their consulting partners are considered industry experts in digital marketing, Internet sales, online inventory management, social media, and hiring for dealers. We customize presentations based on your group’s needs. DealerKnows has developed recognized e-business initiatives for car dealers and can provide detailed, actionable information regarding the most successful online sales programs, providers, and tools used in today’s top dealerships.

Get Joe Webb to Speak At Your Group.


DealerKnows is also able to provide keen insight on the latest market trends that are affecting dealers today such as the automotive internet users’ expectations and the sites and tools that are driving their decisions. The daily operations of a dealership and its personnel are often overlooked and underdeveloped. Your audience will be able to speak to Joe Webb, an industry leader who has spent time “in the trenches” and immersed in the primary functions and responsibilities of dealership staff and management. Industry groups and OEMs can also learn of the different pay structures for their dealers’ internet departments and what goals and results they should be setting, measuring and tracking. We’ve spoken at 20 groups for NADA and NCM, as well as headlined OEM workshops and state dealer associations, and are consistently top-rated speakers.

If you want to bring in proven, innovative trainers to speak to your car dealer clients and groups, contact DealerKnows.