"Joe Webb"

Founder and Creative Superhero of Comedic Awesomeness

Because someone had to do it. Many many moons ago, when Joe was a wee car salesman, the General Manager of his dealership held up a sheet of paper during a sales meeting and said “Someone sent in an electronic mail.  Anyone know what to do with this?” Joe grabbed the piece of paper and thus began his love affair with everything automotive Internet sales and digital marketing. From his ... Read More

"Bill Playford"

Vice President and Chief Rocket Surgeon

Bill is not your typical car guy. After beginning his career at the retail level, Bill went on to tackle innovative automotive e-commerce solutions, and their effective implementation at the dealer level. After realizing technology can’t replace dealerships, Bill now bridges the gap between today’s automotive consumer and the dealerships who seek to better serve them. Having recently ... Read More

Melissa Roberts

Director of Phone Training and Laziness Assassin

Melissa Roberts climbed the ladder of the retail automotive industry and came out smelling sweet.  Not easy to do for a woman in the car business, granted, but Melissa always cherished her time spent in dealerships. From beginning as a receptionist out of college in Worcester, MA to working her way up to the role of prominent BDC Manager and Internet Director, Melissa has had a love affair with ... Read More

Ashley Allen

Prospect Communication Specialist and Silver-Tongued Priestess

Ashley Allen has done it all. From working in the oil industry, to advertising sales with a regional newspaper, to the automotive industry. Ashley is a jack-of-all-trades, but only a master of one: BDC’s in the automotive industry. Before joining the DealerKnows team, Ashley was the Internet Sales Director for a 5 store, multi-state motorsports group. Prior to that, she strengthened her BDC ... Read More

"Jessica Livingston"

Virtual Account Manager and Jane Everyperson

Don’t mess with Jess. From the “Unlikely Career Move” files, Jessica went from taking the vital signs of pets to taking the vital signs of Internet Departments. Relying on her experience with clients, and her background in science, Jessica has a (not so) secret weapon in DealerKnows’ crusade to change the culture of car sales. Jessica is widely responsible for lead-process analysis, ... Read More

David Hudson

Director of Video Productions and Competitive Bicep Flexor

Director David A. Hudson is an entrepreneurial filmmaker born and raised in Carpentersville, IL. Hudson graduated in 1997 from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with a B.A. in Radio & Television Production and a Minor in Theater. Since then, he has worked in every facet of film and stage production, from production assistant through producer and director. Hudson began his career in ... Read More