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DealerKnows was founded by Joe Webb to fill a gaping void in the automotive consulting and training segment:

The established trainers of Internet best practices were those that had hardly clicked a mouse, let alone sold a car leveraging the Internet. With a wealth of documented Internet successes in retail, Joe Webb believed it was time training programs were available from those that had actually succeeded using the Internet to sell more cars, not those regurgitating theory and concept without any experience actually executing those tactics themselves. Hence, DealerKnows was born.

DealerKnowsToday, DealerKnows is team of experienced professionals who create customized training programs (both on-site and virtual) that increases the online profitability of dealerships, helps managers make smarter decisions with existing technology, and trains Internet teams to maximize the opportunities they are already receiving. From training BDC teams on how to set more appointments and engage more Internet shoppers through email, phone, and chat communication to improving search engines and social network presence, our combined experience shows you how to covert more leads to into more sales. We’re changing the culture of car sales.

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Before you consider dedicating another nickel to driving online traffic into your store, you need to ensure you have the best email, phone, and chat follow-up processes in place, as well as, the best use of the tools available to enhance the customer experience at your store. We’re here to offer expert guidance on which tools to consider, as well as optimize your current solutions to make certain technology is selling cars rather than just costing money.

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