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The Sales Call

The Sales Call

A car salesman takes a sales call at his dealership and proceeds to recite every stereotype possible. Starring Joe Webb of DealerKnows Written by Joe Webb Edited by Dave Hudson and Joe Webb Directed by Joe Webb and Dave Hudson of D Hudson Read More

Ferris Bueller

Save Ferris

Immortalized for living one of the most id-centric, free-wheeling days on film, Ferris Bueller is an icon of ‘living the dream’. Matthew Broderick inhabited the role with a rebel-with-a-clue bravado that made us feel he was destined for greatness. And he was.  Ferris would live an amazing life because he always took that next step toward greatness that others don’t.  It all started with ... Read More

no means yes

Positive No’s

As salespeople by trade (and nature), we hate hearing the word “no”. It chills us to the bone. We want Yes’s and a lot of them.  However, the word “no”, as we’ve all learned, is when your job as a “salesperson” really begins.  Yet, we have been trained to only ask consumers questions that end in an obvious “Yes” or give them “either/or” scenarios. Well let me tell you ... Read More

Suckling pig

Products of Their Environment

You’re in esteemed company.  I’m not sure if you know it or not, but if people’s bylines are accurate, you’re connected on Facebook and Twitter to 300 social media experts.  You must really be doing something right. Truth is, everyone oversells their expertise.  Our industry is no exception.  This is both true for many consultants and is especially true for many of those automotive ... Read More

DealerKnows Shares Value

Give Them Value

We throw around the term “value” like it’s a conjunction, but when is the last time you thought about what it really means? Value is something that is totally subjective. Yes, money has inherent value. Is it valuable to every customer, though? If you cannot readily articulate what value you or your dealership bring, it’s time for you to sit down and understand what makes you ... Read More

online trust

Don’t Play Catfish with your Customers

For those of us active on social media, one of the creepiest and cringe-worthy movies about online communities has got to be Catfish. If you’ve yet to see it, or the television show it spun, it is about a relationship that formed online between two people.  Unfortunately, one of those people was not as they seem. Suffice it to say, one person was being untruthful about who they were, what they ... Read More

dealership marketing

Architect vs. Interior Decorator: How to Rethink Your Dealership Marketing Needs

You are ready to traverse through a crowded sea of vendors at the upcoming NADA Convention in New Orleans. Your flight and hotel are booked. You have already looked over the workshop schedules. With that, you maybe still recognize even more can be learned by examining vendor offerings in the exhibit hall than from listening to the speakers. You want to uncover what the possibilities (and ... Read More

The Phone Handlers

The Phone Handlers

Another comedic video starring the amazing Bill Haynes, Jerry Thibeau, and I. How well do YOUR people “handle” the phones? Written by Joe Webb Directed by David Read More

DK doesn't drop the ball

Making a Year to Remember

As every other blogger under the sun is writing, or has written, a post about what to do in 2014, I’m going to jump on the bandwagon. Instead of suggesting that you start taking the stairs, stop smoking, or “Always Be (insert Closing or another clever selly-sell-sell verb),” I’m going to ask that you do one thing: instead of dropping the ball, drop the hammer. Make tough decisions. Far ... Read More


Is It Time to CTRL ALT DEL Your Internet Department?

You’re stuck. You’re simply not progressing. The mouse isn’t making anything move. Your computer is turned on, but getting you nowhere. Your Internet efforts are at a standstill. It is time you hit the CTRL ALT DEL button and go back to the beginning. It happens. You’re working and working and working and, all of a sudden, the computer freezes. It’s not responding. You’ve tried the ... Read More