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Four Questions That Should Be On Your Website Checklist

The more I research about the ever-changing state of website affairs, the more opportunities I see for our clients to dominate. With that said, consistent website manipulation, changes, updates, graphics, link-building, content-writing, and search optimization takes significant time and even more know-how. How shoppers consume information and pursue their purchases continues to evolve and we want ... Read More

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Is Your Website Alive or Dead?

There are countless website providers beating down your doors and crashing through the phones. Some have great products and some have not-so-great products. Dealers need to understand that websites are not products. They are pets. If you believe your website is a ‘leave-it-alone and let it do it’s thing’ robot, your website is going to be a misbehaving, costly animal. They should not be ... Read More

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The Vendor Visit Protocol

This will not win me many friends on the vendor side, but what I am going to suggest will better help dealers structure their month. I understand “sales” is often linked to persistence and determination, but there needs to be limits. I’m recommending that dealers create a Vendor Visit Protocol, so they can win back time in their day. Dealers: Do you seem to have vendors walking in ... Read More

Joe Webb

The Changing Role of Car Dealers

“The Changing Role of Car Dealers: Confessions of an Automotive Online Expert” is the title of an interview I gave to Zsofia Kerekes, the Business Development and Content Marketing Manager for Whisbi, an omni-channel marketing solutions provider founder in Spain.  Read the interview I gave about my own experiences buying cars and the foreseen evolution of car Read More

Jason Oshita and Joe Webb

“That’s the Bite Right There!”

(Realizing I never actually posted this article I had published in Digital Dealer Magazine several years ago – circa 2008, I felt it still relevant based on recent conversations I’ve had about the importance of sitting in and amongst your BDC team as a manager/Director. Read on…) I’m sitting on the plane on my way back from the Digital Dealer Conference in Dallas.  On every ... Read More

women in automotive

To the Women in Automotive…

We work in a fickle industry where negative stereotypes are fueled by a historical acrimony toward all of those that call dealerships home. An industry where a large percentage of those employed are males with decades of archaic beliefs toward how shoppers want to buy and service their vehicles. A business that has done very little to employ women, let alone champion them to fulfill leadership ... Read More

profit expert

Shoppers Want Product Experts, Not Profit Experts

14 Hours. That is how long the average consumer researches their vehicle purchase online before making a transaction, so says Google.  Many of those hours have likely been fixated upon one model. The average salesperson has almost 5.5 hours of downtime every day in the showroom floor. Every. Single. Day. (That data comes from The Next Up). Yet, when is the last time you believe your salespeople ... Read More

employee of the month

Employee of the Month – a Comic Strip

  Employee of the Month The comedic mind of Joe Webb + the creative marketing genius of the DealerRefresh team = a new comic strip series about a life in car sales. Cartoon #2 See the full write-up on DealerRefresh Read More

DealerKnows Challenges Accepted

5 Steps When Shoppers Challenge Your Online Pricing

Customers want answers and they want it now. At the same time, we are considered one of the least trustworthy professions so they question what we tell them as well. That very well could be why consumers do their due diligence by researching 26 different websites before purchasing. (Google data) Your teams and your pricing are being questioned. Have you trained them on how to respond to those ... Read More

used car marketing

Sharing Your Recon Info

What used car shoppers are looking for most of all is peace of mind. As a dealer, you should be educating your staff, and marketing your vehicles, to deliver that peace of mind. The fact that you spend internal dollars reconditioning trade-ins and from-the-auction inventory should not be withheld from today’s consumers. If anything, sharing this information with them can help improve both your ... Read More