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Does Your BDC Have a Safe Word?

Does Your BDC Have a Safe Word? For those of you who have had little to no fun in their lives, a “safe word” is a predetermined word that can be said to signal your desire to end an activity. It is to be spoken if any situation gets out of hand. You consent to the activity and create a safe word if anything begins going farther than you’d like it to go. (My safe word, for instance, ... Read More

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Can you Kill a Sacred Cow?

Almost everything I write stems from an emotional rant I go on during conversations with friends. As Jeff Kershner of DealerRefresh and I were grumbling about pushback from sales professionals unwilling to adapt to mobile technology in the showroom, I asked, “Can you kill a sacred cow?” The best of the best salespeople on our retail floors are untouchable by management and ownership, ... Read More

Joe Webb’s Predictions for Automotive Marketing in 2016

Joe Webb’s Predictions for Automotive Marketing in 2016

Joe Webb of DealerKnows shares his thoughts on upcoming trends for automotive marketing in 2016 with you (as requested by Diane Massie and the team from L2T Read More

Joe Webb to Speak at Inaugural CBT Conference

Joe Webb to Speak at Inaugural CBT Conference

At the inaugural CBT Conference in Atlanta, Joe Webb of DealerKnows will be speaking in a session titled ‘What is Your Digital Aptitude?’ Make sure to register at Read More

Ask The Expert

Ask the Experts – Should we bring in credit challenged customers?

Hello Joe, I’m dealing with the “bad credit conundrum”. When customers tell us they have bad credit, should we ask them to complete an online credit application to save time, or should we just bring them in? I’ve asked my team to come to a consensus. BDC agents say it would be easier to just invite them in, but my F&I team and sales managers say they should be ... Read More

An Oak Lawn Story

A Story of An Oak Lawn Story

Every now and then we get to take off our training hats, let our hair down, and collaborate with a dealership to make an awesome video. In this case, Oak Lawn Toyota came back to us with one mission: Make a better commercial than “Keys in a Box”, the now banned, viral music video that racked up 200k+ views in a few weeks, along with mentions nationwide in Adweek, Jalopnik, AdAge, and ... Read More

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Aromachology, Scent Marketing, and Your Dealership

As a father of two wonderful sons on the Autism Spectrum, I can say that no stone is unturned or research unread that would help soothe my childrens’ anxieties and calm their spirits. My wife and I had researched about the psychology and science of scents, known as aromachology, and the behavioral benefits of certain smells. At the current time, we have the smell of lavender gently wafting ... Read More

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Four Questions That Should Be On Your Website Checklist

The more I research about the ever-changing state of website affairs, the more opportunities I see for our clients to dominate. With that said, consistent website manipulation, changes, updates, graphics, link-building, content-writing, and search optimization takes significant time and even more know-how. How shoppers consume information and pursue their purchases continues to evolve and we want ... Read More

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Is Your Website Alive or Dead?

There are countless website providers beating down your doors and crashing through the phones. Some have great products and some have not-so-great products. Dealers need to understand that websites are not products. They are pets. If you believe your website is a ‘leave-it-alone and let it do it’s thing’ robot, your website is going to be a misbehaving, costly animal. They should not be ... Read More

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The Vendor Visit Protocol

This will not win me many friends on the vendor side, but what I am going to suggest will better help dealers structure their month. I understand “sales” is often linked to persistence and determination, but there needs to be limits. I’m recommending that dealers create a Vendor Visit Protocol, so they can win back time in their day. Dealers: Do you seem to have vendors walking in ... Read More