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When a Sales Manager Calls

When a Sales Manager Calls

Joe Webb highlights a common and frustrating occurrence when he parodies a typical call from a car dealership Sales Manager to the stores’ Internet Director in this funny sketch. Starring Joe Webb of DealerKnows Jerry Thibeau of Phone Ninjas Bill Haynes Written by Joe Webb Edited by Dave Hudson and Joe Webb Directed by Joe Webb and Dave Hudson of D Hudson Read More

standing out from the crowd

What is your Personal Touch When Selling a Car?

“How may we help you?” I asked the customer as they entered the showroom. Seeing as the sales team wasn’t jumping to the customer’s aid, I got involved. I waved over a sales team member. The customer replied, “I bought a car here six months ago and now my daughter needs a vehicle too.” “Who was your salesperson?” I asked in front of my salesman.  The consumer said he was ... Read More

pete rose

Your Dealership Needs a Pete Rose

(An article by Joe Webb as seen in the June 2014 issue of CarBizToday’s magazine) Pete Rose, for all of his shortcomings and misdeeds, is still a heckuva role model when it comes to dedication, tenacity, and HUSTLE in one’s job.  Pete Rose the man had flaws, as all in our industry do as well. Pete Rose the athlete had very few.  How many salespeople reside on your showroom floor with ... Read More

Managing By The Numbers

Managing By The Numbers

This funny car sales video highlights the difference in two Sales Managers and how they (positively and negatively) affect the dealership with which they work. Managing By The Numbers is another comedic creation between the team of Joe Webb at DealerKnows and Car Research XRM. Starring: Stephen Coambes as Glen Jimmy Emmanuel as Jimmy Written by Joe Webb Directed by David Hudson and Joe ... Read More

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Making Your Dealership Mobile: The Art of Showrooming

As I walked through the showroom of a dealership I was training, I noticed something very customary, quite disturbing, and yet unspoken.  I saw every customer looking at their phone while in the process of purchasing a car.  The moment a salesperson would get up from their desk to speak to a manager, get paperwork, or check on an item, they customer whipped their phone back out and began ... Read More

Dealer Marketing Magazine

DealerKnows Oversees Technology Awards for Dealer Marketing Magazine

The winners of Dealer Marketing Magazine’s Technology Awards were revealed this month, and DealerKnows played a big part. Joe Webb, founder of DealerKnows, had been one of the judges in past years for these awards, but was tasked by the team at Dealer Marketing Magazine (DMM) to oversee the entire program for 2014. More than ever, organizations, individuals, and vendors are finding ways to ... Read More

The Sales Call

The Sales Call

A car salesman takes a sales call at his dealership and proceeds to recite every stereotype possible. Starring Joe Webb of DealerKnows Written by Joe Webb Edited by Dave Hudson and Joe Webb Directed by Joe Webb and Dave Hudson of D Hudson Read More

Ask The Expert

Ask the Experts – Out of Market Used Car Lead Follow-up

Hello Joe, I’m looking for some Best Practice advice for the illustrious “Out of Market Area Used Car Lead”. More specifically, what are you recommending for a follow up email template and process for this type of lead. (If different at all.) Your Thoughts???? Eric Y. General Sales Manager ________________________ Thanks for reaching out, Eric. Regarding Used Car out-of-market ... Read More

Canadian Digital Dealer

What Happened At TADA’s Canadian Digital Dealer 5 In Toronto aka “The Joe Webb Show” ~ by Will Harris

(Very rarely do we ever share other’s material or blogs, but Will Harris put together an amazing recap of the Canadian Digital Dealer 5 as well as a glowing review of Joe Webb’s session (see below). While it is self-serving to re-post, it’s just about the best advertising possible and we thank him for including us in his write-up.) Originally Posted on March 30, 2014 by Will ... Read More

Waiters vs. Farmers

Waiters vs. Farmers

Car salesmen used to doing business in an old-school fashion (like Waiters) get served when a new-school sales professional is hired and begins farming for customers. Another funny car sales creation from a joint effort between CarResearch XRM and DealerKnows. Starring: Keith Shetterly Jeff Loos Joe Webb Toby Fortenberry Kurt Kubicki Josh Thomas Jimmy Emanuel Written by Joe Webb Produced by ... Read More