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Can you Kill a Sacred Cow?

Almost everything I write stems from an emotional rant I go on during conversations with friends. As Jeff Kershner of DealerRefresh and I were grumbling about pushback from sales professionals unwilling to adapt to mobile technology in the showroom, I asked, “Can you kill a sacred cow?” The best of the best salespeople on our retail floors are untouchable by management and ownership, ... Read More

Joe Webb’s Predictions for Automotive Marketing in 2016

Joe Webb’s Predictions for Automotive Marketing in 2016

Joe Webb of DealerKnows shares his thoughts on upcoming trends for automotive marketing in 2016 with you (as requested by Diane Massie and the team from L2T Read More

Ask The Expert

Ask the Experts – Should we bring in credit challenged customers?

Hello Joe, I’m dealing with the “bad credit conundrum”. When customers tell us they have bad credit, should we ask them to complete an online credit application to save time, or should we just bring them in? I’ve asked my team to come to a consensus. BDC agents say it would be easier to just invite them in, but my F&I team and sales managers say they should be ... Read More

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The Vendor Visit Protocol Revisited: The Demo

A few weeks ago, we posted our Vendor Visit Protocol, which is a guide to scheduling time to review both new solutions and evaluate existing solutions alike. I’d like to add a corollary to those rules. As we’ve stated many times before, we are exposed to tons of solutions for dealers. The other day I counted 16 CRMs that we’ve worked inside of alone. Many of our clients rely on us to help ... Read More

DealerKnows the Road to Loyalty

An Introduction to the Road to Loyalty

About four and a half years ago, Joe and I came up with the concept of the Road to Loyalty. With all of this controversy we created when we said the Road to the Sale is dead, I figured we should take the time to outline the philosophy we’ve been sharing with our dealer partners for years. (Whether the RTS has vanished, is alive, or in some sort of zombie state, we officially declared our ... Read More

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Ask the Experts – Why Are My Metrics Off?

DealerKnows. Thank you so much for this fantastic resource, I’ve gotten a lot out of your articles already. I’m the Internet Director at a franchise dealer averaging around 130 cars a month, I’ve been here for about 4 months already and have done everything I can to turn my BDC around into a fully functioning entity. While there’s always room for improvement and training, ... Read More

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Ask the Experts – When to Ask for the Phone Number

Hi Bill, My Dealer Principal gave me your email address. He told me about a few of your suggestions for improving our emails at his 20 Group last week. I’m already making some changes. He suggested I email you if I have any questions.  I do have one.  He said: “The consultant suggested we always ask for a phone number in e-mail.”  Do you mean we should ask out of the gate ... Read More

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What Happens When They Disappear?

(Note: This is a lengthy opinion piece, with lots of links for factual support. Reader discretion is advised) A few months back, when I wrote the post the Way We Have Always Done It, I talked about processing sacred cows into delicious beef entrees. Actually, I meant it to be a call to action. Nature tells us, if you don’t adapt, you die. Likewise, if you don’t change your business model to ... Read More

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Shoppers Want Product Experts, Not Profit Experts

14 Hours. That is how long the average consumer researches their vehicle purchase online before making a transaction, so says Google.  Many of those hours have likely been fixated upon one model. The average salesperson has almost 5.5 hours of downtime every day in the showroom floor. Every. Single. Day. (That data comes from The Next Up). Yet, when is the last time you believe your salespeople ... Read More

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Does Your Dealership Save Lives?

How One Person Can Make A Difference: A Lesson in Customer Advocacy While the public is constantly barraged with negativity pertaining to car dealers, there are many instances that go ignored or are simply passed over. Let’s face it… the media (and a lot of websites/industry blogs) are typically more focused on perpetuating the stereotype of dealers as the “bad guys.” There are ... Read More