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DealerKnows Dealer DNA

What is the DNA of Your Dealership?

I have spoken in the past about the need for humanizing the automotive retail environment.  To progress our business forward, you must put the DNA of your dealership under a microscope. How do I humanize a dealership, you ask? Social Media, Reputation Management or Reputation Marketing, and Branding are often seen as the latest trends that dealers have to be a part of to be competitive rather ... Read More

When a Sales Manager Calls

When a Sales Manager Calls

Joe Webb highlights a common and frustrating occurrence when he parodies a typical call from a car dealership Sales Manager to the stores’ Internet Director in this funny sketch. Starring Joe Webb of DealerKnows Jerry Thibeau of Phone Ninjas Bill Haynes Written by Joe Webb Edited by Dave Hudson and Joe Webb Directed by Joe Webb and Dave Hudson of D Hudson Read More

standing out from the crowd

What is your Personal Touch When Selling a Car?

“How may we help you?” I asked the customer as they entered the showroom. Seeing as the sales team wasn’t jumping to the customer’s aid, I got involved. I waved over a sales team member. The customer replied, “I bought a car here six months ago and now my daughter needs a vehicle too.” “Who was your salesperson?” I asked in front of my salesman.  The consumer said he was ... Read More

pete rose

Your Dealership Needs a Pete Rose

(An article by Joe Webb as seen in the June 2014 issue of CarBizToday’s magazine) Pete Rose, for all of his shortcomings and misdeeds, is still a heckuva role model when it comes to dedication, tenacity, and HUSTLE in one’s job.  Pete Rose the man had flaws, as all in our industry do as well. Pete Rose the athlete had very few.  How many salespeople reside on your showroom floor with ... Read More

DealerKnows Leaning Towers

Faulty Measurements Equal Faulty Success

It happened again. Apparently, June is the time for wild declarations. With an eerie regularity of bad seafood, another “friend of the Dealer” comes along making wild claims of instant success. My body has the same reaction to both. Please pray for my wife. With that same regularity, I have to write a post just to vent. Last year I wrote (the aptly titled) Recipe for Weapon-Grade ... Read More

DealerKnows Nuts and Bolts

The Nuts and Bolts of Customer Experience

We’re seemingly bombarded by articles discussing “the Apple Experience,” or “the Disney Experience,” or the old standby “Nordstrom Experience.” What’s simply ignored is that these companies offer premium products and services. We just blindly accept it, and move on. Since we always use these premium examples, the door stands wide open for cynics to write-off these experiences ... Read More

Forget the Talent Mall: Coach the Players You Have

“I think there is this perception that, with July 1 free agents, there is this hockey store, and there is this fantasy hockey league that I’m running, and we can go get superstars…Those days are over.” —Ken Holland, General Manager of the Detroit Red Wings. As many of you know, Joe and I spend a lot of time helping our clients manage their vendor partnerships. Sometimes there is a ... Read More

DealerKnows Public Service Announcement

You Can’t Spell Dealership Without Leadership

This is an open letter to dealership personnel with subordinates, regardless of rank, department, and title. Instead of barking out orders, shaming, and continuously reminding employees that they should be happy to have a job, try having a little compassion. Get to work before everyone else. Celebrate victories. Share your success. Listen. Mentor. Be the manager you’ve always wanted. Try ... Read More

Dealer Marketing Magazine

DealerKnows Oversees Technology Awards for Dealer Marketing Magazine

The winners of Dealer Marketing Magazine’s Technology Awards were revealed this month, and DealerKnows played a big part. Joe Webb, founder of DealerKnows, had been one of the judges in past years for these awards, but was tasked by the team at Dealer Marketing Magazine (DMM) to oversee the entire program for 2014. More than ever, organizations, individuals, and vendors are finding ways to ... Read More

DealerKnows keeping it real

How to Be You

Back at the dealership a few months ago, I was at my wits end about the negative culture and needed to get creative. Salespeople were just flat out terrible to each other. Encouraging healthy competition is one thing, but bullying, skating, sneaky/cancerous behavior was hurting the company AND our sales numbers from the inside out. I got tired of the gossipy, rumor-filled, angry staff I was ... Read More