Ask The Expert

Ask the Experts – Out of Market Used Car Lead Follow-up

Hello Joe, I’m looking for some Best Practice advice for the illustrious “Out of Market Area Used Car Lead”. More specifically, what are you recommending for a follow up email template and process for this type of lead. (If different at all.) Your Thoughts???? Eric Y. General Sales Manager ________________________ Thanks for reaching out, Eric. Regarding Used Car out-of-market ... Read More

Canadian Digital Dealer

What Happened At TADA’s Canadian Digital Dealer 5 In Toronto aka “The Joe Webb Show” ~ by Will Harris

(Very rarely do we ever share other’s material or blogs, but Will Harris put together an amazing recap of the Canadian Digital Dealer 5 as well as a glowing review of Joe Webb’s session (see below). While it is self-serving to re-post, it’s just about the best advertising possible and we thank him for including us in his write-up.) Originally Posted on March 30, 2014 by Will ... Read More

Waiters vs. Farmers

Waiters vs. Farmers

Car salesmen used to doing business in an old-school fashion (like Waiters) get served when a new-school sales professional is hired and begins farming for customers. Another funny car sales creation from a joint effort between CarResearch XRM and DealerKnows. Starring: Keith Shetterly Jeff Loos Joe Webb Toby Fortenberry Kurt Kubicki Josh Thomas Jimmy Emanuel Written by Joe Webb Produced by ... Read More

DealerKnows how to not to slap customers

Does Your Internet Process Allow for Reciprocation?

I’ve noticed a troubling trend in the course of training last week, and it’s time to air some grievances. It seems as if ISMs are so stuck in their routines that they miss crucial signals from the customer. While we at DealerKnows are probably the staunchest advocates for a tight process, it doesn’t mean that the customer should be ignored. Being obedient can come at a cost. The most ... Read More

Ferris Bueller

Save Ferris

Immortalized for living one of the most id-centric, free-wheeling days on film, Ferris Bueller is an icon of ‘living the dream’. Matthew Broderick inhabited the role with a rebel-with-a-clue bravado that made us feel he was destined for greatness. And he was.  Ferris would live an amazing life because he always took that next step toward greatness that others don’t.  It all started with ... Read More

no means yes

Positive No’s

As salespeople by trade (and nature), we hate hearing the word “no”. It chills us to the bone. We want Yes’s and a lot of them.  However, the word “no”, as we’ve all learned, is when your job as a “salesperson” really begins.  Yet, we have been trained to only ask consumers questions that end in an obvious “Yes” or give them “either/or” scenarios. Well let me tell you ... Read More

Suckling pig

Products of Their Environment

You’re in esteemed company.  I’m not sure if you know it or not, but if people’s bylines are accurate, you’re connected on Facebook and Twitter to 300 social media experts.  You must really be doing something right. Truth is, everyone oversells their expertise.  Our industry is no exception.  This is both true for many consultants and is especially true for many of those automotive ... Read More

The Showroom Watchdog

The Showroom Watchdog

DealerKnows is proud to share a series of comedic marketing videos we were brought in to create for CAR Research XRM. This 2nd video – The Showroom Watchdog – highlights the many ways a dealership stumbles when handling customers in-store and how a Showroom Watchdog can save deals. Starring Keith Shetterly as “Be-Back”, the Showroom Watchdog Joe Webb Toby ... Read More

DealerKnows Shares Value

Give Them Value

We throw around the term “value” like it’s a conjunction, but when is the last time you thought about what it really means? Value is something that is totally subjective. Yes, money has inherent value. Is it valuable to every customer, though? If you cannot readily articulate what value you or your dealership bring, it’s time for you to sit down and understand what makes you ... Read More

online trust

Don’t Play Catfish with your Customers

For those of us active on social media, one of the creepiest and cringe-worthy movies about online communities has got to be Catfish. If you’ve yet to see it, or the television show it spun, it is about a relationship that formed online between two people.  Unfortunately, one of those people was not as they seem. Suffice it to say, one person was being untruthful about who they were, what they ... Read More