DealerKnows The Business Prevention Department

The Business Prevention Department

Back in my tech company days, seemingly no-brainer type agreements often times got caught up in the legal department. Sometimes months would go by before we’d get a yes or no. Despite many of these deals having the potential to move our program (and revenue) further by galactic proportions, meeting after meeting would pass, and we still wouldn’t have an answer. It was during one of these ... Read More

Where in the World is DealerKnows?

While we spend a good majority of our time improving dealerships online, on the phone, and on the lot, occasionally we make appearances at industry conferences, non-automotive tech conferences, as well as NADA and NCM 20 groups. We want you to be aware of our presence at popular digital events should you or any of your team be attending. The 19th Digital Dealer Conference in Las Vegas October ... Read More

Joe Webb

The Changing Role of Car Dealers

“The Changing Role of Car Dealers: Confessions of an Automotive Online Expert” is the title of an interview I gave to Zsofia Kerekes, the Business Development and Content Marketing Manager for Whisbi, an omni-channel marketing solutions provider founder in Spain.  Read the interview I gave about my own experiences buying cars and the foreseen evolution of car Read More

Ask The Expert

Ask the Experts – Why Are My Metrics Off?

DealerKnows. Thank you so much for this fantastic resource, I’ve gotten a lot out of your articles already. I’m the Internet Director at a franchise dealer averaging around 130 cars a month, I’ve been here for about 4 months already and have done everything I can to turn my BDC around into a fully functioning entity. While there’s always room for improvement and training, ... Read More

Ask The Expert

Ask the Experts – When to Ask for the Phone Number

Hi Bill, My Dealer Principal gave me your email address. He told me about a few of your suggestions for improving our emails at his 20 Group last week. I’m already making some changes. He suggested I email you if I have any questions.  I do have one.  He said: “The consultant suggested we always ask for a phone number in e-mail.”  Do you mean we should ask out of the gate ... Read More

DealerKnows Left Overs

What Happens When They Disappear?

(Note: This is a lengthy opinion piece, with lots of links for factual support. Reader discretion is advised) A few months back, when I wrote the post the Way We Have Always Done It, I talked about processing sacred cows into delicious beef entrees. Actually, I meant it to be a call to action. Nature tells us, if you don’t adapt, you die. Likewise, if you don’t change your business model to ... Read More

Jason Oshita and Joe Webb

“That’s the Bite Right There!”

(Realizing I never actually posted this article I had published in Digital Dealer Magazine several years ago – circa 2008, I felt it still relevant based on recent conversations I’ve had about the importance of sitting in and amongst your BDC team as a manager/Director. Read on…) I’m sitting on the plane on my way back from the Digital Dealer Conference in Dallas.  On every ... Read More

women in automotive

To the Women in Automotive…

We work in a fickle industry where negative stereotypes are fueled by a historical acrimony toward all of those that call dealerships home. An industry where a large percentage of those employed are males with decades of archaic beliefs toward how shoppers want to buy and service their vehicles. A business that has done very little to employ women, let alone champion them to fulfill leadership ... Read More

profit expert

Shoppers Want Product Experts, Not Profit Experts

14 Hours. That is how long the average consumer researches their vehicle purchase online before making a transaction, so says Google.  Many of those hours have likely been fixated upon one model. The average salesperson has almost 5.5 hours of downtime every day in the showroom floor. Every. Single. Day. (That data comes from The Next Up). Yet, when is the last time you believe your salespeople ... Read More

Human hand holding a burning 100 dollar bill

Money is Not the Only Motivator

Coincidentally, I’ve had several conversations this past month about people being satisfied with the amount of money that they were making. (That loud thump you heard was a baby boomer passing-out from the very idea.) To these individuals, the amount of free time they had to spend to travel, visit friends, be active in their children’s school, or pursue hobbies was more important than chasing ... Read More