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Your Computer Sucks!

Except for a telephone greeting along the lines of “Thank you for calling (Dealer Name).  How can I assist you?”, there is one phrase your people use almost as much.  “Sorry, my computers running slow.” Does your computer suck?  Does it really?  Is it the Internet speed of which your desktop operates?  Is it the crappy Internet service your dealer has signed up for?  It very well ... Read More


Compliance: Can You Be Harassed By A CRM?

For the past 2 years, one of the items on my daily to-do list has been grading Internet leads for DealerKnows Consulting. The TaskTeacher process involves assisting DealerKnows in monitoring the progress of their clients through monitoring the ISM’s lead handling within the CRM. This provides valuable insight into what exactly is happening with leads (i.e. is the store following the process ... Read More

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Be Your Own Business

It seems that all of the best retail auto folks, both traditional and Internet, go through a metamorphic change at some point in their careers. They’ve heard all of the bellyaching of their coworkers, and got sick of watching people mail-it-in month after month. It’s the time they had that epiphany about never settling for average. It’s the time that they realize that they’re not ... Read More

sales training

4 Sales Training Tips to Help You Win

The title “Automotive Salesperson” has not changed, but how the individuals approach their jobs certainly must.  The landscape of car-buying has changed immensely. Salespeople looking to convert more visitors (or shoppers) to buyers need to change the dynamics in which they execute their daily duties, and cater to the customers’ goals rather than their own. Today, consumers are looking for ... Read More

CarStory Market Reports

A DealerKnows Trend Alert – CarStory Market Reports

Every now and again, DealerKnows comes across a product or service that we perceive as being more than that. One that has the ability to be a trend, causing significant change and benefit to both dealers and the customer experience. A no-brainer sign-up. Over the past several months, we’ve been helping the team at CarStory as they develop a robust (and FREE) inventory value report. ... Read More


Stop Doing Calisthenics in the Showroom

Improving the consumer experience remains one of the primary goals of each dealership organization. As an industry, we’ve dedicated dollars, time, and conferences to enhancing our online efforts in order to appeal to today’s shopper. Once we feel our marketing initiatives are dialed in, we sit back and relax. Unfortunately, we’ve over-used showroom muscles that are atrophying dealership ... Read More

You’ve Got Lead

You’ve Got Lead

I’m honored to have been hired by Jacuzzi to speak at their International conference in Los Angeles on the subject matters of process improvement and lead management. In this (slightly comedic) video made for Jacuzzi, I share an example of how an Internet lead is mishandled at a hot tub dealership. “You’ve Got Read More

Ask The Expert

Ask the Expert – BDC Training

Good morning Joe, I’ve read a few articles you’ve written about BDC’s and wanted to ask for a bit of insight. I’ve been in auto sales for 4 years, a year of which I spent as an Internet manager. Our dealership moved to a BDC structure and obviously that position evaporated into traditional sales. The initial BDC director recently was let go, and there is a current opening ... Read More

DealerKnows Personal Branding

Where Automotive Professionals Go Wrong with Personal Branding

Just as automotive dealerships and manufacturers cultivate their corporate brand, so should automotive professionals. Why? Simply because YOU (the people representing the product and the business) are what differentiates your dealership the most. Walk into any dealerships across the country, and you’ll find a nice building with the lights shining bright. You’ll have access to a TV to watch ... Read More

DealerKnows Bad Flavor

Do You Hate Your Customers?

There, I said it. <rant> As many of you do, I lurk around the various automotive forums to keep an eye on what’s going with the rest of the retail world. The one thing that I see repeatedly are disparaging remarks about customers. More specifically, most of the stench emanates from the discussions around pricing. While I read about the exhausting hours, evil vendors, and putting up with ... Read More